Royal Armouries – Leeds

Perhaps more of a travel blog than my usual photo blog but my recent trip to the UK provided me with a lot of very cool photo opportunities.

First stop the Leeds Royal Armoury.

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is a national museum which displays the National Collection of Arms and Armour. It is part of the Royal Armouries family of museums, the other sites being the Tower of London, its traditional home, and Fort Nelson, Hampshire.

The Royal Armouries Museum is a £42.5 million purpose-built museum located in Leeds Dock that opened in 1996. Its collection was previously on display or in storage at the Tower of London where the Royal Armouries still maintains a presence and displays in the White Tower.
This is a must visit for anyone interested in understanding the history of arms and armour. The displays where outstanding including many full size dioramas covering many famous battles.

Highlights for me,

Original Corinthian helmet 650 BC.

Indian War elephant armour, only full surviving example in the world. (8500 iron plates)

Horned Helmet of King Henry VII (circa 1511 AD)

15mm Battle of Waterloo diorama in a room surrounded by original arms and equipment

28mm Agincourt Battle surrounded by original arms and armour. 
You could even have a go at pulling back a longbow. I got as far as 85% pulling power and held this for 10 seconds before I had to release. The only time I could get 100% was using both hands.

I also fired 5 bolts from a crossbow which was amazing and held a French knights longsword.

With 5 floors of goodness, I ended up spending just short of 5 hours at the museum.

Leeds Armoury Bucket list – Great big Tick