Old and Aged

No the title is not about me before you ask...., although I'm getting closer to 50 which can often make you feel old.
My subject for this post is an old boat I stumbled across high and dry on a local beach on Waiheke Island.
The lighting wasn't bad as it was just after 10:00am in the morning with average cloud cover.

What I actually liked about the structure was the aged, weathered look. I thought about HDR but as mentioned in a previous post not really my cup of tea so decided to play around with my 7D on-board colour settings and create a custom colour setup just for this subject.
The post processing was only down to converting RAW to JPEG and a slight crop nothing more.

The first shot taken through the old port hole was really about getting the background in focus and using the porthole as a natural frame.
No surf beach  in the background I'm afraid so limited in terms of what I could frame.
I even waited for about 20 minutes hoping to catch a seagull flying by, I even tempted them with half my sandwich!! but no go.
However a lot of fun and happy with the result.

F11, ISO200 1/125 28mm Evaluative Metering, Custom Saturation setting
F11, ISO200 1/125 50mm, Eval Metering,  White Balance Custom


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