Historical Feast Part 2 - Scotney Castle, Kent

Have made great progress over the past few weeks, as i chug through over 1000 photos from my recent trip, it's time to share another great highlight.
Scotney Castle, Kent.

The earliest record regarding Scotney castle dates from around 1137, with records giving the owner of the estate to a Lambert de Scoteni.

It has been reported that the original plan may never have been finished, and by 1558 it is likely only the southern tower remained. 
In 1580 the south wing was rebuilt in Elizabethan architecture style. The Elizabethan wing remained a bailiff's residence until 1905, but the eastern range was partly dismantled on the completion of the new house in 1843, leaving the ruin as a garden feature.

Around the outside of the castle are some amazing grounds including a hollow created by the development of a Quarry which contains a 100-million-year-old impression of a dinosaur's footprint.
In 1970 after the death of the last owner, the estate was left to the National Trust.

Unfortunately we arrived at the time they started their restoration work so we were limited to only viewing the castle from the outside.

Never the less still a beautiful piece of history and once again provided plenty of photography opportunities.