Going Local

Having recently returned to my local photography spot, I became aware that it can be too easy to believe we have to go far and wide to find that special location...when actually it's often right on your doorstep.

It doesn’t matter if you are smack in the middle of a busy metropolis, or perhaps out in the suburbs. If you look hard enough, inspiration can be found only a few short distances away from where you live.

Panmure estuary,  (or Tamaki Estuary) situated in East Auckland is deemed a pretty average destination. In fact I would wager that most people who commute across the estuary every day wouldn’t bash an eye lid if you said.. ”Have you spent time down at the Tamaki estuary lately?”

Yep it’s pretty average but then again you can become complacent but this place, at certain times of the year can offer budding photographers new or experienced, some great photo opportunities.

......You just have to be prepared to get up early.

During my last visit  I became acutely aware off how busy this little estuary can actually be;

  • Small inflatable boats trundling up and down the bank ferrying peope to catch the city bus.
  • Local school rowing teams out early morning for their training sessions.
  • A wealth of local bird wildlife including but not limited to, Grey Herons, Kingfishers,  Pied oyster catchers.  
  • Boat builders starting early as they work on their pride and joy

So rather than babble on any further here are a few recent shots with supporting descriptions.

Grey Heron

This shot was a long time in the making. Nearly 30 minutes waiting for the heron to take flight, and not knowing if it would actually head my way.
I decided to convert the image to Black and white as the sunrise was directly in front of me and the exposure was slightly blown out.

Man in Boat

Every day around 7:15am this guy trundles up the estuary. I can hear him coming and noted that his approach to the wharf was pretty much the same every day. 
So I setup my tripod and got my remote ready and prayed the sun would just peek as he trundled on by. 
Again placement and timing paid off and I actually like this Photo.

Fog Wisps

The fog had been eluding most days, and the day I decided NOT to go it’s as thick as pee soup!!. However not being put off I kept all my gear in the car, and with only a slight 5 minute detour most days I swung by to keep a close eye on developments.

On this morning no real fog, but interesting little wisps which on closer inspection created very interesting effects when they passed by the dry dock lamps (left side of image).
I also noticed a dingy moored and along with the stillness of the water, and the sun just rising, I worked this into the composition.


Well the jewel in the crown. Who would have thought mudflats could be so interesting.
Not only was this position ideal for the ensuing sunrise, but the tide was out with just enough tidal pools left to add some character. This spot I will visit again once the tides change.


I knew it!!! and after confirming my suspicions with an old "seadog" who lives in a caravan close by, completely wrapped in tinfoil, I can confirm that boat owners are actually aliens from out of space and yachts are vessels to get them to the unknown.

Que science fiction soundtrack…..

If you would like to know more about the technical, side then drop me a comment.
Until next time happy clicking ;)