Classic Cars

I thought I would step away from my usual blog entry and instead simply post a selection of photos and digital compositions from a recent Classic Car show held here in Howick, Auckland NZ.

These images are only a very small proportion of what I actually photographed on the day, and to be perfectly honest I don't think they really highlight the fantastic work and effort the owners have put into keeping these wonderful vehicles alive and kicking.
Of course I have thrown in a few modern numbers, and it will be interesting to see if they can handle the test of time.

But you do really have to spend time walking around these cars and observing the high amount of detail that has gone into restoring these fantastic vehicles.

There are certainly some favourites, and mine has to be the Triumph Herald.
For two very good reasons.
(1)My Dad worked for the Triumph in the UK
(2)I learnt how to drive in a Herald.

...So rather than fill this blog with idle chatter, I'm going to let the pictures tell the story.
To the owners of these wonderful Classic cars, thank you very much for keeping history alive.

Roll on Classic Cars 2017