Time to tell a story

My Goal: Stop and look around.
As I spend more time in and around my local town I’m becoming acutely aware that there are so many cool and interesting things waiting to be explored.
For instance, I walk past a small opening between 2 shops around 6 to 7 times a week.  Not once have I even considered stopping to take a look. The strange thing is consciously I know the opening is there, but if anyone asked me what was down there... I would most likely shrug and say “nothing I guess

But early this week, after reading an interesting article on the famous American photographer William Eggleston, I suddenly realised that I’m passing a photo opportunity by every day, and perhaps I should stop just once and take a peek

And guess what I did….
The result was interesting and although the subject matter might not be to everyone’s cup of tea I think it does invoke a story.
f6.3, ISO200, 1/800, 40mm (Cropped)

The same goes for my next photo. I walk this tunnel twice daily as it passes underneath the busy motorway.
f6, ISO200, 1/125, 17mm
As I spend more time in my Urban/Street mode, I’m starting to understand more around ensuring that each of my photographs should develop a good platform to build from. I'm not just talking about a single emotional switch such as Happy, Sad, Tired etc., but more of an in-depth story telling mode.

When you look at any of the above photos, look beyond just the main focal point and re-discover the foreground and the background.  Take a good long look and explore the visual and only then will you start to understand the content and enable the cognitive wheel to start formulating a story.

Considering I have spent the last 10 years covering Sports and Action, which is easy to capture emotion, I’m certainly enjoying this Urban/Street approach and I’m becoming more aware of my surroundings and hopefully will be able to capture some cool images to engage with my audience.

I'm very interested to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment.