July Photo Challenge - part 2

Man it was cold this morning!!!, got up and headed out of the house at 7:30am only to be met with a crystal clear sky but a temperature of 4c.
I did my usual walk around my local area hoping to find some surface ice to perhaps catch a few reflections of the early morning sun, but alas it wasn't that cold and the water flow was freely moving which was a shame.
At least the walk woke me up and my morning coffee went down a treat.

So as the morning warmed up and I finished my chores, I decided to go back to one of my favourite places. Ardmore airfield has some great photo opportunities if you catch the day right, and I'm happy to report today was one of them.

A few of the war birds where out, along with the older Tiger moths and the Spearman painted in US Navy livery.
However my mission was to capture a lovely old bird which sadly is not in flying condition. A few of the locals actually said they are working towards repairing it but will most likely be a static display.

..So what better way than to photograph a lovely retired bird for posterity :)

All images as per our challenge rules are only to receive colour adjustments in ACR or Lightroom, no Photoshop wizardry work except the placement of my Water mark.

My first one is a play on the theme Re-Tired :), not sure which vehicle or plane these are for.

f6.5, ISO 100 1/160 28mm (BW, Cropped)

f6.0 ISO100 1/120 160mm (Vignette)

f5, ISO100, 1/120, 75mm (Cropped)
This photo perhaps not entirely legit as I had to combined 2 images together, however all colour corrections are all done in ACR so should pass the scrutiny crew. This was shot with my 28-300mm.
f6.3, ISO100, 1/60, 28mm (2 Images Merged, Cropped. Sepia)


  1. Some very nice photos Lee. I'd rather they focused their energies on restoring a number of other aircraft that are down that way hidden in various hangars... :-)


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