July Photo Challenge- Part 1

Ok here are a few from todays outing into Auckland City.
First up Reflections. Plenty on offer regarding building reflections so this pretty much populated most of my initial shots. I will however over the coming weeks look to expand on this subject.
Weather was good, albeit a tad cold with the wind whipping through the central city but plenty of walking was involved so easy to keep warm.


The first one was a multi reflection on a high rise with several surrounding buildings on display.

f4, ISO100, 1/600, -1 exp, 18mm (Cropped)
Next a reflection of a construction site into a neighbouring building. This one I had to crop rather tight as there was a lot of rubbish around the outside. If I get the chance again I might consider a better approach.
f4, ISO100, 1/200, 30mm (Cropped Heavily)

This one I actually like, shame the metal around the outside wasn't a bit larger as I think the distortion of the cars parked opposite would have added a bit more depth. If I could Photoshop this image I would most likely dodge and burn  to create a lot more contrast/dirty look. (Will said it was a door to a well known strip joint, don't ask me how he knew??)
f5, ISO100, 1/60, 20mm

This shot was an opportunistic shot while I waited for Will to cross the road. I like the fact that A) it's middle of winter, and B) this chap found a ray of sunlight coming through the surrounding buildings to enjoy his lunch. Needed to move quick on this as I was standing in the middle of the road.
My only gripe is that I should have used at least f5 or 6 to gain a little more depth of field.

f2.8, ISO100, 1/100, 50mm
Fast and the Furious
This one is perhaps my favourite of the day. I tracked these skateboarders as  the rain started to come down. They left the road favouring the pavement. A few I seconds later an Audi drove past I instantly thought "Fast and the Furious". Not sure who is furious but as luck has it I also captured reflections in the shop windows. Bonus, two birds with one stone!!!

f4, ISO 100, 1/100 17mm (Converted to Black and White)

Notes to self, take 28-300mm Lens and sort my f-stop out :)

Last one, a shot from inside one of the derelict buildings. Although I had my head torch wasn't keen to go to far inside as the wooden floors heading up were rather dodgy, and I did not want to leave Will on his own down some dark dank alley way :)
But next time I will be better prepared as I think there are some cool photo opportunities to had here.
f4, ISO 400, 1/60 , 20mm (Cropped, Blend)


  1. I won't mention that story you told me about "mistakenly" entering a certain establishment..... The Audi one turned out well. Nicely spotted.


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