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A very short blog entry this week as I'm heading away for brief break , but I’m sure more will follow on a new photographic subject I have decided to pursue.

During some downtime this week I read an interesting article in D-Photo by PJ Heller whereby he interviewed a couple of well-known New Zealand street photographers.
Street photography is a subject I hadn’t given much thought to in the past but after reading the article I became intrigued.

So what did I do?,
Firstly set my camera to a fixed setting, bit of guess work required as you have no idea on where or what your camera will focus on.

ISO250 for starters, mainly because my street walk downtown was at 7:30am and the light is only just starting to come through.
Exposure Speed I set to 1/200 as I’ll be walking along and not stopping to compose my shots.

F2.8 as this is the optimum setting for my Sigma lens and ranged fixed at 17mm.
I carried the camera by my side as I walked down the road. I made a few judgements calls to allow for (hopefully) some interesting shots.
One such call was to wait a few seconds to allow the crowd at the crossing lights to move ahead before I travelled on.
Another was to tilt the camera to obtain some interesting angles, and the final one was to keep an eye out in shop windows and look to grab reflected scenes.
Once I got home I downloaded the images and was pleasantly surprised.
I decided to convert most to Black and white as the article I had read tended to focus on street photography from the late 70’s to the early 80’s.
So here are a few of the results with no post processing except for converting to Black and White.
I think this guy knew I had my camera

Kids running across road

Scooter man (slightly composed shot)

Morning mail, or Txt

Skater via Shop window

Watch this space


  1. I hope you gave the homeless guy some change for taking his photo :-) Will be interesting to see how you get on with this as a subject. It can be very cool when done right. I imagine there is a bit of luck involved with being at the right place at the right time? The guy on the scooter doesn't look very sharp? I think that one would have been really good if he was a little sharper and there were a couple more people around him.


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