Shooting from the Hip

It's those little surprise photo ops that really seem to deliver the goods, and last night was no exception.
I attended my daughters pre-ball function at her friends house and she was very excited as it was her first school ball.
It was a nice low key affair with only a few people but it did provide me with a few good opportunities to work on my portraiture skills.
The house had some wonderful interior designs which really added to the scene However I will save the portraits for later as I would like to obtain permission first from the parents.

The highlight of the evening was perhaps the following few shots.
All these shots where just point and clicks, I didn't even bother fine tuning my camera settings just kept the camera on Manual, with AWB and my wide angle Sigma lens.
The first shot was taken on route in the car with my daughter in the front seat. I was in the back which was intentional, as I was hoping for my daughter to drop the passenger mirror for last minute makeup check.
And bingo she did not let me down.

f3.5  1/3  ISO400 28mm (Cropped)

As you can see by the camera settings, the exposure time was very low and being in a moving car I had to be steady. However this adds to the theme and my intentions where to capture something raw and natural.

My next shot is definitely RAW and not staged. In fact this photo was snap reaction to what has turned out to be a wonderful scene.
I had just come out of the house and walked down the driveway around the back of a beautiful 1956 Chevy which had been hired as the ball transport. 
Two of the students had decided to "engage", with no time to bring my camera up to eye level I just swung it to hip level and clicked.
I couldn't get multiple shots as the camera response was slow so I knew the exposure time would be low.

f4.5 1/4 ISO1200 17mm (Converted to BW)

Needless to say I'm actually happy with how this opportunistic shot actually came out.
f4 1/6 ISO800 24mm BW (Digital Tweak)

The last one is perhaps my favourite, This young boy was in and around most photos with his cheeky grin. I had placed myself in front of the Chevy for a nice grill shot, when he popped into the frame. I just clicked away and this is the result. Brilliant!!.
...and I'm happy to say nothing was missing from the car when he departed :).

A great night well hosted, and a nice opportunity to continue to improve my portraiture skills.

Tip: Always carry your camera and practice quick draw shooting :)


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