Objective 8 - Colours

Now you could be forgiven for assuming that a Military convention or airshow for that fact,  would be void of colour and you could be correct, isn’t it all Khaki, Browns and greens?, well yes however the Classic fighter show boast perhaps the biggest fleet of flying World War 1 planes and these are certainly not short of colours.

But I was wanting to go slightly further afield I couldn’t help noticing the dark earthy colours on show across the landscape. Blenheim or to be more specific the Marlborough Distract, is at this time of year (Easter)  very dry, and the Wither Hills provides a spectacular backdrop for a world class air show.

My first image is of course a WW1 plane. The amount of detail in these replicas is outstanding and they are all air worthy as well. This photo was taken mid-afternoon on a rather cloudy overcast day.
f14, ISO400, 1/80 28mm (Custom Colour setting)
f10, ISO100, 1/160, 70mm

Using my 28 to 300mm I adjusted my exposure by ¼ and changed my white balance to Cloudy. At the same time I decided to try my custom colour settings which has the Saturation increased by two marks (approx. 75%).
The colours are perhaps a little light in some areas mainly down to over cast conditions and I’m sure with additional post processing I’m sure I can bring in more detail specifically across the top of the wings. However it’s all about the camera settings so I’m happy with the result.

My second shot was completely unplanned. As we were driving along I spotted a Hawk circling a vine yard. Only issue was the minute we stopped the hawk disappeared. We waited a short time but it never returned so I decided to take a shot of a Vine Harvester. This Photo could have been much better if I had taken my time to compose etc, but the result I think is fine as it provides a nice range of colours and contrasted nicely with the green of the vines and blue sky.
f11 ISO800, 1/160 28mm
I might consider doing some post processing later and see what I can get out of the image.

Next is a Panorama taken during our Lagoon walk out towards the shipwreck? This area also encompasses a salt marsh and was very dry despite having tidal inlets weaving in and out. I like the dryness of the landscape and the rustic colours which is evident across the various pieces of drift wood littered all around the river edges. The Wither hills in the back ground also contributes nicely. What I like about this image is the more you investigate it the more you reveal. Next time I might consider walking up the hills and shoot back across this landscape.
f11, ISO400 1/160 (4 images combined)
....and finally, this old rust heap. Found this car hiding behind one of the hangers. Generally not a big fan of HDR (Bracketing) but thought I'd have a go. You either like them or you loathe them :)
3 Shots (-1 / 0 / +1) Digitally modified