Objective 6 - Time Lacked

To be honest my original time Lapse Objective really did not go to plan. Not from the want of trying mind you,  but more due to so much going on I wasn't really keen leaving my camera in a spot for any reasonable length of time.

I know this is not hard core or dedication to the cause, but sometimes you just have to let go.

The closet I have is a sequence of shots during one of the ground theatres. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts the second day of re-enactments was a little subdued due to a fire risk from the surrounding area being very dry and windy.
However I knew where the action was going to take place so set the camera on tripod along with my auto timer and waited.
The results are as follows.


V1 Bomb explodes

f11, 1/320, IS400, 100mm
Race to get onto a Penny Farthing Bike
f11, 1/250, ISO200, 65mm