Digital Wizardry 2

With the weather in Auckland being rather damp and cool what better time spent but to sit and play around with Adobe Photoshop. I decided to go with an Aviation theme mainly because of my recent photo excursion at Classic Fighters 2015 show at Omaka.

I decided to create something which showcased aviation across the ages. So after selecting 12 images off I went.

The most time spent was around the position and layout once I had this in place I then proceeded on the long journey of creating lots of layer masks.
Most of the layers required tweaks, including scaling, rotation and flipping.  The flipping can be a problem especially if there is readable text, however I had no issue as any readable objects would be too small to pickup.

The background I decided to go with two previous shots from my texture library The first a photo of a piece of old film which had been chemically scratched my second choice being a damaged piece of alloy showing polishing scratches.
First up I worked on getting the background right using various masks and tonal adjustments. I then added a few corner objects created in Illustrator so that I could define  a frame.

Next I started to adjust opacity and apply layer effects. Most are Soft overlay with additional opacity added. with a couple having brush effects using dodge and burn techniques.

Text title was created in Illustrator then imported in as a smart object. This allows you to further control and adjust the opacity including drop shadows.

After a few more brush tweaks here and there, I then saved the layered file, made a few more adjustments around brightness and saturation. Save, and Done. Total time 1 hour.
12 Photos Used, Digital comp in Adobe Photoshop