Memory Cards cleared

Following on from my earlier topic "Batteries on charge" I have come up with the following photographic objectives which I will be working towards during next weeks trip to the Bi-annual Classic Fighters airshow in Blenheim.

I will be endeavoring to ensure I use as much of my in camera tools as possible and maximize the feature set of my Canon 7D, including two custom colour settings I have been working on. This way I hope to keep my post editing down to a minimum and focus on the true essence of RAW photography.

In terms of lens choices I will be packing Sigma 17-50mm Wide Angle (including filters), Canon 28-300mm L Lens, for general use, fixed 50mm Prime because I love this lens, and my good friend over at Robert Wood Photography has kindly offered me the use of a Canon fixed 400mm L Lens.

....oh and lots of batteries, memory cards and my charger!!!, can't forget this

My Objectives

1) Action - Look to capture some unique action focused primarily on one of the shows main acts. This could be ground theatre or perhaps a stunt pilot or flyby.

2) Emotion - I will have to keep a close eye on the crowds or perhaps the Pilots, or even the guys I'm travelling with.

3)Weathered - I love the rustic look and feel of well worn or well used equipment.

4)New -oooh shiney!!, Search out the clean and new with lots of sparkle (hum might even do HDR for this subject)

5)Time Lapse - Just depends if I can leave my gear setup somewhere without it being hoisted :)

6) Motion - Look to spend more effort in achieving that nice balance to really show-off the motion of the objects I'm photographing. In my case it will most likely be Military aircraft. 

7)Colours - find something vivid and alive with a wide spectrum of colours.

9)Portrait - Perhaps a pilot in fatigues or one of the historical re-enactors. I'm sure there will be plenty worth subjects wanting a portrait.

Of course there will be some of the more traditional techniques, Black and White and of course formats such as the trusty landscape, as I will be in a fantastic spot.

So watch this space.


  1. nice, a time lapse would be real interesting, especially with the crowd in it.... cant wait, gonna be a great trip.

  2. Nice the Canon 400 Prime L is a killer lens, I wish Nikon would get off their ass and produce primes to the same quality, Nikon bodies are getting pretty good but unfortunately its all about the glass ( you listening NIKON ) and I wast a lens which dose not cost me 10K you buggers,

    Rant over with :)
    A great set of objectives,
    2013 When I got there was like a child in a candy store so much to look at and do, Watched the show more than photographing, Will be a different story this time round.


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