Thursday, 26 March 2015

Memory Cards cleared

Following on from my earlier topic "Batteries on charge" I have come up with the following photographic objectives which I will be working towards during next weeks trip to the Bi-annual Classic Fighters airshow in Blenheim.

I will be endeavoring to ensure I use as much of my in camera tools as possible and maximize the feature set of my Canon 7D, including two custom colour settings I have been working on. This way I hope to keep my post editing down to a minimum and focus on the true essence of RAW photography.

In terms of lens choices I will be packing Sigma 17-50mm Wide Angle (including filters), Canon 28-300mm L Lens, for general use, fixed 50mm Prime because I love this lens, and my good friend over at Robert Wood Photography has kindly offered me the use of a Canon fixed 400mm L Lens.

....oh and lots of batteries, memory cards and my charger!!!, can't forget this

My Objectives

1) Action - Look to capture some unique action focused primarily on one of the shows main acts. This could be ground theatre or perhaps a stunt pilot or flyby.

2) Emotion - I will have to keep a close eye on the crowds or perhaps the Pilots, or even the guys I'm travelling with.

3)Weathered - I love the rustic look and feel of well worn or well used equipment.

4)New -oooh shiney!!, Search out the clean and new with lots of sparkle (hum might even do HDR for this subject)

5)Time Lapse - Just depends if I can leave my gear setup somewhere without it being hoisted :)

6) Motion - Look to spend more effort in achieving that nice balance to really show-off the motion of the objects I'm photographing. In my case it will most likely be Military aircraft. 

7)Colours - find something vivid and alive with a wide spectrum of colours.

9)Portrait - Perhaps a pilot in fatigues or one of the historical re-enactors. I'm sure there will be plenty worth subjects wanting a portrait.

Of course there will be some of the more traditional techniques, Black and White and of course formats such as the trusty landscape, as I will be in a fantastic spot.

So watch this space.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Batteries on Charge

I have been pretty quiet on the photography front over the past month for no real reason other than to enjoy our long hot summer and settling into a new Job.
However things are starting to hot up again as I count down the days before my next photography tour.
In just a little over a week (Easter weekend to be exact) I will be heading down to Blenheim along with 3 friends to photograph and enjoy the bi-annual Classic Fighters air show.

This will be my second time attending this fantastic event with my first way back in 2013. To maximize this long weekend my intentions are to work towards creating a photography plan and set myself goals to achieve several types of photos. These challenges will cover nearly all aspects of photography including subject and creativity types.

So How will I prepare?
Well my first task over the coming week will be to review the photos I took the last time I went.

Why bother trawling through old photos?
Simple, because it provides me with a visual reminder on the lie of the land, including such tips as, the suns travel direction and height at specific times of the day, areas of light and dark (Shade). Positioning, general environment, layout etc.

Understanding your environment prior to embarking is time well spent and if you have photos from a previous trip then review them accordingly.

The second is to review my previous camera settings, As a high majority of the subjects will most likely be the same, I will be able to gauge if I should consider using different settings. I understand that light will be the biggest factor as it will vary but I'll focus more around my speed settings (Prop capture) , AF, White balance choices, metering modes.
Even choice of lens and filters etc. 

Ask yourself what worked last time, and what didn't?

And finally to add additional flavour to this trip I'm going with a theme in mind. What this theme will be I haven't finalised it yet, but looking through my previous images I realized that my photography style was perhaps a bit too linear and focused to much on a single type of photography.
So to spice it up I'm going to jot down 5 topics or themes to work towards and set myself daily challenges over the 3 day event.

Subject: Focke Wolf 190 - Classic Fighters  Show 2013