Portrait Photography part Deux

Well another great summers day and my daughter once again keen to go out and do some photography.
After last weeks efforts we decided to actually find a location where we could utilise some props.
So what better place to go than our local airfield.
When we arrived both of us where very happy.
On the tarmac the Warbirds had the P51D Mustang out for running repairs, along with 2 North American Harvard's.

Normally when they are servicing  you are not allowed out by the planes, however we got there after fuel had been extracted so we could get up close.

Black and White was the theme again for our shoot.
The sun was close to getting high as it was 11:30am, so not to much of an issue except a tad hot on our heads.
Using my 28mm-300 I fixed the zoom ring to 100mm which on my camera works out to be around 160mm. (1.6x) I decide to avoid using any zoom and move in and around the subject.
This came as great amusement for my daughter.
With the plane as the back drop, I clicked away.

F5.6  1/200  ISO200 @100mm
The P51D Mustang is all polished silver metal so the reflection posed a few initial issues. I dropped my exposure down and went with a custom white balance using my calibration cards.
I used 9 point [Square] focus and targeted the subjects face.
The lens vignette was added after in Lightroom with minor shadow adjustments.

Unfortunately we where not allowed inside the service hangers for safety reasons so we stayed outside and looked to shoot in between the buildings.
F7.1 1/500 ISO200 28mm, 19AF
Between the hangers, it was obvious that the sun was going to be heavily reflected off the facing corrugated panels. This would provide enough light so no need for a flecky. The shutter speed was cranked up after the first few shots had revealed blowout in the highlight's, and I also dropped the exposure down a notch as well.

Like the first session we stayed with black and white, so the only adjustment digitally was the tweaking of the shadows by 5%.

....and finally the last one, this is a digital hack as it was the last shot of the day so a bit of dodging and burning in Photoshop with a boost in saturation and vibrancy.

F7 1/500 ISO200 28mm


  1. Very nice photos Lee. I like how put in the detail on how you took them. I still have a lot to learn! :) Sunday is a good day down there as the museum is open then, so they have more of the warbirds out.

  2. good words dad! photos look spectacular! you couldn't have done a better job! love you :)


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