Digital Wizardry

With the sheer number of fancy fandangle filters these days, you can pretty much create any wizzy digital artwork in Photoshop.
But for me I like to keep things simple and continue to use some of the old fashion techniques.
Using various channels, masks, layer duplications and plenty of old fashion brush work just to name a few. The results can be very interesting and fun to create.
Besides Isn't that what artists do,??

The following result is a mash up of 4 layers mainly using layer masks to isolate areas, such as myself, the sea and the rock I'm standing on.
Then progressively working across these masked areas, I work with several brushes using graduated opacity levels. (Sharpen, Burn)
The lens flare is original as I purposely positioned myself in front of the sun.
I also used 2 layer blending modes with varied opacity.
One was set to luminosity the other Pin light. this gave me better definition to the edges. I avoided using any Photoshop filters.
I also duplicated one of my layers and converted to Black and white, allowing me to control the removal of colour using masks.

Below is the final result. Perhaps not an award winning image but a lot of fun all the same.

Here is the original with the appropriate camera settings for those interested.
F5 ISO200, 1/1000 18mm, Auto White Balance

News Flash!!

After 4 weeks of operation "SortYaStuffOut" I now only have 126,605 un- processed RAW images on my Computer. Prior to the clean-up I had 267,000.... now if this was 1990 when I had my film camera I would be lucky if I had 200 photos.
Something is telling me that 2015 is going to be a bumper digital year