World Of Wearable Arts Part 2

Having re-looked through my photos again you can't help but marvel at the amazing work which has gone into these garments. Most are not practical day wear obviously!!, however as Art they are spectacular.
It really is worth heading along to the Auckland Museum and marvel at the amazing world of wearable arts.

My first subject is actually made up of wood strips. The lighting around the subject was very low so I needed my tripod again.
I was lucky that this object was set back in it's own little cubicle so the other lights didn't; really effect it much. I opted for a lesser exposure on this so dropped to -1.3. ISO I kept at 100.

F3.2 1.6sec -1.3 ISO100 24mm
The next two subjects are very cool. The first is the rear of the garment I posted early and thought I'd best share the level of detail at the rear of the dress. Incredible and very colourful.

F3.2 1sec ISO100 32mm
The last one definitely is not everyday where. The church is amazing and perhaps one of my favourites.
F3 1sec ISO100 24mm


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