I have been working on trying to get a descent shot of a Kingfisher for some time. Recently I came across a small haven close to home whereby they sit on the estuary bank when the tide is low then swoop down to feed on crabs.
They are difficult to capture especially when they persist on sitting in trees on the far side of the bank.

However patience paid off and after about 40minutes of waiting, this little beauty flew across and sat in a tree about 10metres away so I had time to compose this shot.

  F5.6 1/320 9 Point AF, WB set to Cloudy, Length 200mm, Centre weighted

My next mission will be to try and capture one during feeding time so will have to watch the tide chart and arm myself with the fastest lens I have...oh and must take my gumboots (waders for you Americans)


  1. Very nice and nice to see another blog post! Let me know when you're heading out. I might be able to pop along if you want some company :)


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