Friday, 22 April 2016

Three Kings United Res vs Tauranga City Res

Winter is on it's way so it is back into sports photography mode.
This week I covered local Three Kings United Res vs Tauranga City Res.

Weather was outstanding so glad I took my polariser to help keep the glare in check.
Three Kings eventual winners 5-2, with a well taken penalty by Three King player in the dying seconds.
Tauranga will now have to face a long 2 hour drive back to Bay of Plenty, so plenty of time to contemplate what might have been.

For those interested in the Camera tech details:
pretty much all photos used the following settings

f5.6, ISO800, 1/500 (average), -1 ev, 50 - 300mm, custom WB.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Japan Day

Well the morning started out beautifully as my wife and I caught the ferry to the city to enjoy and celebrate Japan day.
The event was held at Queens wharf.
There were food stalls everywhere selling traditional Japanese food, and of course real sushi.
....well no sooner had we started to walk around the displays, the rain came sweeping in like a Tsunami. Excuse the pun but it was no fun.

The photography outside became limiting as the rain got heavier, but I did managed to get a Taiko Drum session in which was extremely powerful and full of energy.

Soon afterwards it was time to head for shelter so we headed indoors along with about 10,000 other Aucklanders.

Real shame as there was a lot supposed to be on display outside, including Kendo, Karate, and Aikido demonstrations just to mention a few.

So we moved slowly through the crowds but it was difficult to gain any decent position to take in the wonderful scenes
I couldn't get any decent angles for the tea ceremony and missed out on the Kimono fashion walk.
..I did however warm myself up on some 50 year old Saki, and enjoyed throwing a few shurikens which I have not done for a very long time.

So too the photos.
Very limited I'm afraid and not having my wide angle and flash I really had to switch to auto ISO and let my camera help out. I also had to battle the crowds but luckily I did managed to sneak into a few good areas (before being told off :) but hey it's worth it.

Camera settings range between f4 - 6 with the average ISO being around 400 for external and 3500 for internal.
I will certainly mark this on the calendar and hope that next year it will be a sunny day.

This one I have played around with in Photoshop :)

Digitally adjusted